mRNA Synthesis Services

Automate and accelerate your research from DNA sequence to mRNA

The BioXp system, along with custom-built consumable BioXp kits, automates the synthesis of mRNA, streamlining the overall workflow and expediting the time to product to just days instead of weeks or months. The available kits for mRNA synthesis enable flexibility in input so researchers can select a 1-step or 2-step workflow for mRNA synthesis.

BioXp Steps

mRNA Synthesis - Two Different Starting Points

StepsBioXp De novo mRNA synthesis kitBioXp Select mRNA synthesis kit
InputThe BioXp De novo mRNA synthesis kit, combined with the BioXp system, provides the first push-button, walk-away end-to-end automation solution for the production of synthetic mRNA from DNA sequence.The BioXp Select mRNA synthesis kit enables the synthesis of mRNA from an input DNA template.
WorkflowIt automates the entire workflow including the complex and time-consuming process of synthesizing the DNA template for the generation of the final synthetic mRNA product.When combined with the BioXp DNA cloning kit it provides a rapid, 2-step automated workflow for synthesis of synthetic mRNA.
OutputPurified, capped and tailed synthetic mRNAPurified, capped and tailed synthetic mRNA
Runtime~ 18 hours~ 4-6 hours depending on length
BioXp Steps

De Novo mRNA Synthesis specifications

Product format: Single-stranded capped and tailed mRNA, and linear double-stranded DNA fragments

Features: 5’ ARCA or CleanCap® AG (3’OMe); poly(A) tail (median 150 As)

Nucleoside modification options:

  • When selecting ARCA: None or Pseudouridine
  • When selecting CleanCap® AG (3’OMe): None or N1-methyl-pseudouridine

Output size: 0.4–1.8 kb per mRNA

Order throughput: 1 to 16 samples per run

Configuration: 8 and 16 reactions per run

Yield: Minimum 5 µg per mRNA for CleanCap® AG (3’OMe) modified mRNA and minimum 1 µg per mRNA for 5’ ARCA modified mRNA

Total turnaround time: 10 to 12 days

Classification: Research use only

Select mRNA Synthesis specifications

Product format: Contains reagents necessary to synthesize at least 50 micrograms of capped and tailed synthetic mRNA using plasmid or PCR purified DNA template.

Features: 5’ CleanCap® AG (3’OMe) capping

Nucleoside modification options:

  • Unmodified or N1-methyl-pseudouridine

Output size: 0.4- 10kb per mRNA

Order throughput: 1 to 48 reactions per run

Configuration: 8, 16, 24 and 48 reactions per run

Yield: Minimum yield 50 µg mRNA per well

Classification: Research use only