Gene Synthesis

BioXp™ gene synthesis kit

BioXp™ gene synthesis can make error-corrected, de novo synthetic gene fragments of up to 1.8 kb in length.

Through the power of the BioXp™ system Epsiteme Genomics enables push-button, walk-away, end-to-end automation of important synthetic biology workflows.

Product specifications

Product specifications

  • Product format: Linear double-stranded DNA
  • Output size: 0.3–1.8 kb (per fragment)
  • Price: Contact us
  • Order throughput: 1 to 32 DNA constructs
  • Configuration: 8, 16, 24, 32 rxn
  • Yield: >200ng per construct
  • Total turnaround time: 10 to 12 business days from order to the shipped kit (International shipping will vary)
  • Classification: Research use only