Cell-Free Plasmid DNA Amplification

Transfection-Scale plasmid DNA within hours instead of days

Through the power of the BioXp system and application-specific BioXp kits, Telesis Bio enables push-button, walk-away, end-to-end automation of DNA amplification — allowing researchers to get their DNA in hours while skipping the tedious steps of bacterial cultures.

The cell-free BioXp DNA amplification kits contain all reagents necessary to generate transfection-scale amplified DNA starting from a variety of user-supplied inputs, including sequence-verified plasmids, linear DNA fragments, or a digital sequence.

“Common to many workflows is the need to scale DNA constructs to transfection-scale quantities. The BioXp® System enables one to automate cell-free DNA amplification and scale-up, reducing time and eliminating manual bacterial steps. We believe this can accelerate discovery, particularly in the areas of screening a large number of lead candidates in antibody discovery, cellular immunotherapy, and protein engineering,”

- Daniel Gibson, Ph.D., CTO and Co-founder of Telesis Bio

DNA Amplification

Product specifications

  • Input: Plasmid | linear dsDNA | digital sequence
  • Output: Amplified dsDNA (branched concatemers)
  • Price: Contact us
  • Order throughput: 1 to 24 samples per run
  • Configuration: 8, 16, 24 reactions per run (product available on the BioXp 3250 system)
  • Yield: >10 μg
  • System: BioXp 3250
  • Total turnaround time: 10 to 12 business days from order to the shipped kit (International shipping will vary)
  • Classification: Research use only
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