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From gene synthesis through complex whole synthetic genome construction, and mRNA synthesis, our BioXp biofoundry services provide the speed and accuracy of the BioXp system with Gibson Assembly® technology, the most trusted method for building seamless, high-fidelity DNA. Nanopore long-read sequencing verified plasmids and vectors.

BioXp system

The BioXP 3250 system is a fully automated benchtop platform for synthetic biology workflows that offers a complete suite of synthetic biology applications. The system has been designed to expand upon the success of its predecessor, the BioXP 3200, by giving users more flexibility, more capacity, and more applications. The BioXP 3250 system has multi-fragment capabilities, which allow users to clone up to four fragments at a time in the same vector and longer fragment sizes, which expands the choice of applications. The system automates the ability to evaluate a particular segment of a gene with high fidelity, precision, and accuracy, which is particularly true in the field of drug discovery for biologics such as antibody-based therapeutics. The BioXP 3250 system can be used for various workflows, including gene synthesis, clone generation, plasmid preparation, fragment assembly, oligo synthesis, full-length vector construction, combinatorial library generation, sequencing library preparation, mRNA synthesis, and RapidAMP. The BioXP 3250 system's push-button automation, when combined with excellent quality, makes it an ideal tool for synthetic biology workflows. By using the BioXP 3250 system, researchers can streamline their workflows, reduce waste, and improve the quality of their results. The BioXP 3250 system offers a critical solution to common bottlenecks in vaccine development, directly facilitating the ability to get potentially vital vaccines on the market.

Overall, the BioXP 3250 system is a powerful tool for researchers in the field of synthetic biology, offering a wide range of workflows and benefits that can help streamline and optimize their research. By partnering with Episteme Genomics Pvt Ltd, researchers can take advantage of our Biofoundry Services, which utilize the BioXP 3250 system to enable faster, more efficient, and more accurate synthetic biology workflows.